21 Savage Says It Would Be ‘Zesty As Hell’ Dishing On Drake


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21 Savage & Drake – Source: Prince Williams / Getty

While talking with Rolling Stone 21 Savage avoids opening up on his friendship with Drake because it would be “Zesty as hell”.

A year ago 21 Savage and Drake teamed up for one of the most played albums in recent times, HER LOSS. Since then the two have toured city to city performing sold-out shows in what feels like a full circle moment from their first collaboration “Sneakin”.

Recently 21 Savage returned to the United Kingdom for the first time in his adult life. Of course, this moment didn’t come easy and followed an extensive immigration battle that began in 2019.

According to Rolling Stone, 21 Savage is free to see the world and will talk about everything that led to the moment, except his friendship with Drake.

“I feel like describing male friendships is zesty as hell,” 21 said to Rolling Stone prompting the interviewer to bring up “unneeded parameters” had been placed around men expressing their feelings.

“It’s needed,” Savage responded. “That’s what separates men from women.” The conversation then turned to 21 elaborating further on position, saying, ultimately, he believes “the man supposed to be one way and the woman supposed to be one way.”

Regardless if he discusses their friendship we can tell it’s serving both very well and keeping the bills paid in several offices. At this point in their careers, they do not have to partake in anything they don’t enjoy. The music and working relationship between the two seems natural and organic in a time when everything is forced. If we are lucky hopefully we continue to get great music out of the situation.

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