Amazon Driver In Pittsburgh Held At Gunpoint, Called Racist Slurs


Amazon Prime delivery truck making neighborhood deliveries.

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Amazon delivery drivers had a very harrowing holiday season that made it hard to differentiate between Christmas and Halloween. BOSSIP previously reported on an Amazon driver who was accosted by an overly aggressive senior citizen in a Houston, Texas, suburb who accused her of being a thief. Meanwhile, in Pittsburgh, CBS News reports that an Amazon driver was held at gunpoint while called numerous racist slurs while making her drop-offs.

That driver, identified as Linquita Schley, is now speaking out about the Dec. 21 incident and how deeply it has affected her since.

“What was going through my mind? I got flashbacks of my stepson,” she said. “I was getting flashbacks of my girlfriend, flashbacks of my mom. I was getting flashbacks of my life and how grateful I need to start being for it.”

You can hear more of Schley’s comments and footage of the attack in the video below. Be warned that while the images are not graphic, they can be disturbing.

The man responsible for this hateful behavior has been identified as 65-year-old Brian Dengler, and according to a criminal complaint, Dengler fully admitted to pulling the gun on Schley because her van was blocking his driveway.

The white thug was ultimately charged with simple assault, ethnic intimidation and terroristic threats. We hope he spends as much time as the law will allow in prison and that Schley can extract as much money from his bank account as a judge will grant.

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