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Podcasts are about as ubiquitous as BBLs these days and not all of them are created equal. Everyone with a microphone and a laptop can record themselves giving their uninformed, unrequested, and unhelpful opinions about an array of topics just because they adore the sound of their own voices. On the contrary, there are those podcasters who take pride in their ability to speak on topics from a perspective of researched authority, valuable life experience, or comedic genius, and engage an audience beyond vapid vocal verisimilitude.

This list is for those folks.

The year 2023 is coming to a close and we thought it only right to give some of our favorite podcasters their wi-fi flowers.

Scottie Beam and Sylvia Obell drew audiences with their OG pod, Okay, Now Listen but their new endeavor with Issa Rae’s Raedio network sparked a rebrand with The Scottie And Sylvia Show. The fearless duo tackles all sorts of topics from culture to, womanhood, Blackness and anything else that requires a cogent and comedic voice.

Rachael Lindsay and Van Lathan have never been ones to shy away from crucial and often difficult conversations in order to provide context and information about topics that affect themselves personally and those that affect Black folks as a whole. The Higher Learning podcast is a must listen if you’re looking to get to bottom line.

The great thing about podcasts is that they don’t have to conform to the standards of  traditional radio with FCC protocol. It can be as raw and uncut as the hosts want and Whoreible Decisions is probably the hardest, throbbing, raw doggiest pod you will ever slide inside of your warm, moist, ear hole. Mandii B and Weezy WTF have the uncanny ability to make even the freakiest deeky blush.

Earlier, we talked about pods that draw from real life experiences and nothing is realer and more ingratiating than being transparent about things you’ve experienced in the past and how you grew from them. The Undressing Room hosted by Lore’l is the pod that disrobes from the facades and reveals the naked truth.

Podcasts are often relegated to news cycle topics but we should be reminded that they also provide an opportunity to document history. That is exactly what The Blog Era podcast did to the superlative degree. These days, we take for granted that music exists on the internet but streaming didn’t just happen overnight. Bloggers worked tirelessly to usher in this platform and the guys from It’s The Real (along with a bevy of producers and contributors) did a masterful job of giving those pioneers their flowers.

You know Shannon Sharpe. You know Chad Ochocinco. Knowing them together on Nightcap is unquestionably one of the funniest things to ever grace Al Gore’s internet. We are forever grateful for their full fledged foolishness.

The trial of Young Thug and his YSL gang remains one of the most talked about stories of 2023 and as the court proceedings continue, you need a pod that is dedicated to giving you as much information as humanly possible. That pod is King Slime: The Prosecution of Young Thug and YSL where Christina Lee and George Chidi talk audiences through all the nuances, nooks, and crannies to paint a full picture of exactly what is happening on both sides of the case.

We know that there are probably a lot of you who are still grieving the loss of The Bodega Boys podcast. However, The Kid Mero is back in the saddle alongside NBA legend Carmelo Anthony with the 7PM In Brooklyn podcast. Still full of hilarious jokes. Still sharing hilarious stories. Still booking illustrious guests. Tap in.

No list would be complete without a lil’ shameless self-promotion, right? Alright, So Boom is a new Urban One podcast hosted by Janeé Bolden, Nzinga Imani, and Rae Holiday where celebrities come to share their stories, laugh, and give insight into their origins. Check it out ASAP!

Angela Yee’s Lip Service pod has long been one of our favorites here at BOSSIP and she continues to deliver great interviews where famous folks can really open up in ways that they might not on other platforms.

These boys really don’t need many words. You already know what it is. If you haven’t subscribed, listened to, watched, or otherwise participated in the partaking of The 85 South Show, then what the hell you doin’ ol’ lame ahh n****a???

Amanda Seales is always going to use her voice whether you like it or not. She will not be silenced, shushed, shunned, or shut down. In fact, as loud as her voice is, her podcast, Small Doses, is just what the doctor ordered to get your mind healthy for discussions about real-world topics and how they affect the Black community. Treat it like the audio apple a day that keeps the devil away.

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