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As 2023 comes to a close it’s time for BOSSIP’s annual list of top YouTube channels providing the best content on the platform.

Currently, we are in the “golden age” of content with podcast mics and video equipment flying off the shelves. Even with the majority of the content being trash, some figure out how to captivate the world while building a fan base off of their personality. With the YouTube landscape being more competitive than ever we always end the year appreciating those who dominated with their YouTube content.

According to Business of Apps, the platform reportedly reached 2.7 billion active users this year. Additionally, the platform revealed that 80 Million of those users are paid subscribers.

BOSSIPs Top YouTube Channels of 2023

Getting the attention of users isn’t easy when there is a wide variety of content to choose from. So let’s take our hats off for those who killed it in 2023.

Mr. Beast

Mr. Beast continues to give back and lead the content pack on YouTube every year and 2023 was no different.

Joe Budden TV

Joe Budden grabbed new co-hosts and keep the train running in 2023 and depending on who you ask the Network might be better than ever.

The Pat McAfee Show

The Pat McAfee show has always dominated YouTube but this year found its way onto ESPN prime time television. Even with the addition to ESPN the show still feeds its loyal YouTube following and even has Alabama head coach Nick Saban drop by weekly.


Car content made a resurgence in 2023 and Quan provided more the enough content while buying multiple cars and taking the audience for a ride.

Law & Crime Network

From Johnny Depp and Amber Heard case, the trial of Tory Lanez, Young Thug RICO updates and everything in between Law & Crime has been putting in work this year.

Kai Cenat

When it comes to the culture there is only one person who has dominated the culture and outpaced the others and thats Kai Cenat. Often he has celebrities on stream but main his personality has paved the way to the top of the Youtube mountain.

Emily D. Baker

This pop culture experience an enormous amount of legal lawsuits involving high profile celebrities and most out of California. Cali laws are different than every other state and former LA Deputy District Attorney Emily D. Baker was there to give you hard facts. She broke down every case with her expertise and accurate California law.

Vice News

Vice News YouTube channel has done a phenomenal job reporting on things that might not make mainstream media. Additionally, they have shined a light on matters that could impact us sooner than later if not immediately.

Stephen A. Smith

Stephen A. Smith has so many jobs at this point it’s hard to keep up. Even with his insane schedule he still finds time to feed his YouTube family with fresh content and polarizing hot takes.

Duke Dennis

Duke is a part of AMP along with Kai and just like Kai his personality and swagger seem to have YouTube in a chokehold, especially the ladies.

Mr. Make It Happen

We’ve all used YouTube for a few cooking tips and Mr. MakeItHappen year after year is a go-to page for all things food.

GQ Sports

GQ Sports has gone strong all year with our favorite athletes. From going undercover online to breaking down their favorite tats their content is essential and far from boring.


One thing celebrities love is cars and it’s only one place who works on the bulk of them, RDB LA. Luckily, they open their doors and YouTube channel for us to watch the process.


If you’re popping you have got to get your diamond game right and of course that means visiting ICEBOX. They have uploaded nonstop all year with all your favorite celebrities and showed how they decide on their favorite jewels.

Cheryl Porter Vocal Coach.

As the world’s #1 vocal coach Cheryl has taught the world of YouTube a few things to spice up their shower performances. This year she crossed the milestone of 10 Million subscribers.

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