Cassie’s Longtime Friend Tiffany Red Supports Diddy Abuse Allegations


Tiffany Red, a longtime friend of Cassie Ventura, is opening up about what she witnessed during the singer’s decade-long relationship with Diddy.


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In a new sit-down with NBC’s Chloe Melas, Red recalls some of the incidents she saw during the former couple’s relationship.

One she mentions is following a night out with friends at a karaoke bar, where Diddy showed up and screamed at his then-girlfriend. Later, Red woke up to Diddy berating Cassie once again, supposedly upset that she didn’t want  to have sex with him.

Tiffany says that Diddy tried to get her help in getting Cassie to have intercourse with him, yelling at her, “tell your friend she wants some birthday d**k!”

In that moment, Red said she thought to herself, “oh, this guy is dangerous.”

That happened in 2015, but Tiffany says Cassie only told her a few months ago what Diddy was really mad about that night: she didn’t want to have a “freak off” with other record executives. She goes on to say that the only time Diddy would help his then-girlfriend with her music career was when she participated in a “freak off.”

This interview comes following an open letter written by Red for Rolling Stone earlier this month, in which she said that she is “traumatized” by the music mogul.

“Throughout my time knowing Cassie, I’ve seen many concerning instances,” she wrote. “There were occasions when I heard (Combs) yelling at her and making threats, observed her so high I was afraid of her overdosing at a party (Combs) threw for her in Malibu, and witnessed (Cassie and Combs) getting IVs after a different night of partying.”

According to her letter, Tiffany witnessed “events detailed in my friend Casandra Ventura’s now-settled civil lawsuit” − specifically Cassie’s 29th birthday party.

“I fear for my safety as her suit alludes to me, although not by name,” Red wrote. “I hope that revealing my identity to the public will afford me some measure of protection,”

She and Cassie remain “close friends” since becoming acquainted in 2015 while writing songs together.

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