Cher’s son Elijah Blue Allman files to dismiss divorce from estranged wife after kidnapping claims


Cher’s son Elijah Blue Allman is no longer seeking a divorce from his estranged wife, Marieangela King.

The 47-year-old musician, who initially filed for divorce in November 2021 after eight years of marriage, requested the case be dismissed on Tuesday, Jan. 2.

In court documents obtained by The Post, Allman’s lawyer Larry Ginsberg requested the “entire action of all parties and all causes of actions” related to their split be dismissed but added that “sums due pursuant to the temporary support stipulation remain due and owing.”

The filing also makes clear that the divorce case can be reopened in the future if either party decided because the case is to be dismissed “without prejudice.”

Regina Ratner, King’s divorce attorney, confirmed to The Post that her client and Allman decided to dismiss their divorce case on Tuesday,

“They have been working on reconciling since April and that has happened now,” Ratner said. 

Elijah Blue Allman’s estranged wife, Marieangela King, aka Queeny King, filed for divorce in 2021. iamqueenyking/Instagram

The dismissal request comes just one week after the 77-year-old Grammy winner filed for conservatorship of the troubled artist, citing substantial “mental health and substance abuse issues,” and three months after she denied allegations that four men were hired to kidnap him.

The “Believe” singer filed to be the sole conservator of her son’s estate on Dec. 27, claiming that Allman, whom she had with the late singer Gregg Allman, is “substantially unable to manage his own financial resources.”

“[Cher] has been unable to discuss Elijah’s preferences concerning the appointment of a temporary conservator because given Elijah’s current mental and physical health issues, discussed in detail in the concurrently filed Confidential Supplemental Information, he is unable to form or express a preference concerning the appointment of a conservator for his estate,” the docs read.

King (left) claims the “Believe” singer placed her son in a “lockdown facility” in Mexico without her consent. iamqueenyking/Instagram

In the December 2022 divorce documents, King claimed that the “DJ Play a Christmas Song” singer allegedly hired four men to kidnap Allman from their hotel room at the Chateau Marmont in an apparent intervention to get him into rehab.

In a statement released by her record label, Verdict Music, King, also known as Queeny King, blasted Cher for attempting to place her husband in a “locked cage” without her consent.

“I have always been a champion for the sober community and for Elijah’s sobriety,” she explained. “I have full confidence in legitimate, ethically operated, HIPAA protected American medical establishments that offer long standing, time-tested treatment for those suffering from substance abuse or any number of mental health issues. What I am not ok with are establishments that exclude me (his wife) from being part of Elijah’s treatment and hopeful recovery.”

Cher (from left), Allman, Georgia Holt and King pose together in a social media post. iamqueenyking/Instagram

“I am not ok with pop-up, makeshift, unethical scam rehabs which take full advantage of families in desperate situations and seek to fraudulently exploit insurance companies for services not rendered,” King continued. “I am especially not ok with Elijah being coerced under false pretenses on or about October 17, 2023 into participating in an alternative medicine regimen and then being thrown into a lockdown facility in Mexico, sleeping behind a locked cage with six other individuals, under an imposed Mexican Conservatorship.”

In an October 2023 interview with People, Cher denied the kidnapping allegations and pledged to continue to fight for her son despite their past struggles.

“I’m a mother. This is my job — one way or another, to try to help my children” she said. “You do anything for your children. Whenever you can help them, you just do it because that’s what being a mother is. But it’s joy, even with heartache — mostly, when you think of your children, you just smile and you love them, and you try to be there for them.”

The “Believe” singer filed to be the sole conservator of her son’s estate on Dec. 27, claiming that Allman, whom she had with the late singer Gregg Allman, is “substantially unable to manage his own financial resources.” Getty Images

She further denied King’s kidnapping claims to The Post that same month.

“That rumor is not true,” she said. “I didn’t do it, and if I did it, I wouldn’t say I did it.”

A hearing for the temporary control of Allman’s estate is scheduled for Jan. 5 at Los Angeles Superior Court and a hearing to determine if Cher can become her son’s permanent conservator is scheduled for March 6.

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