Christmas in Bethlehem canceled amid Israel-Hamas war: Letters


The Issue: The cancellation of Christmas celebrations in Bethlehem by Palestinian Christian leaders.

As The Post reported on Christmas Eve, Christmas celebrations in Bethlehem — the birthplace of Jesus — were canceled due to the war and out of respect for the lives that have been lost (“Silent night,” Dec. 24).

As a Catholic and the Grand Knight of the St. Anastasia Knights of Columbus Council, I believe the celebrations should not have been canceled. Don’t forget Jesus Christ was proclaimed the “Prince of Peace.”

Frederick Bedell


Someone needs to remind the Christian Arab clerics in Bethlehem that the war was started by Hamas, an Islamist organization.

Someone needs to also remind these dhimmis that Jesus was a Jew.

It is obvious that they only do as their Islamist overlords demand of them.

Alice Lemos


I cannot imagine anybody responding to this article with anything but contempt for the Israel Defense Forces’ collective punishment of civilians in the Gaza Strip.

This is a call for Christians to get over themselves and their sick end-times fantasy, where the state of Israel is the “stage” for Jesus’ return.

If you’re truly a Christian, you would understand that man must not intervene in what has been ordained by God.

Anglocentrism has seeped into the church in such a way that Christians cannot fathom that people with complexions even a shade darker than theirs are also capable of loving Jesus.

American Christians are apathetic and insular, but not even insular enough to support nationalism. Doing that would require prioritizing the funding of American lives over Israeli military aggression.

Any Christian who claims to love Jesus should be outraged at the state of affairs in the Gaza Strip.

Eloise Haggerty


After Hamas attacked Israel on a Jewish holiday, Christian leaders have now canceled Christmas celebrations in Bethlehem. This is the first year that the Christmas celebration has been canceled by Christian Palestinians.

But there will, of course, be no cancellations of Muslim holidays or festivals.

K. Harrington

The Bronx

The Issue: Migrants from Floyd Bennett Field begging locals in Brooklyn for food and money.

Migrants are now on the streets, knocking on doors for clothing, food and money (“Knock it off, beggars,” Dec. 23).

I’m not surprised, although I do feel for these migrants.

Let’s face it, however: The city has let them in, and it’s New York City’s responsibility to take care of them, not the citizens’.

Not even the homeless, who have been in our city long before the migrants came, knock on our doors. Instead, the homeless live at our train stations and in the streets.

I think it’s time for Mayor Adams to show some leadership by taking the bull by the horns — and revoking New York City’s sanctuary-city status, once and for all.

We need to stop any more migrants from entering. The city is swamped now due to the migrant crisis, and this problem is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

Rob Johann


I grew up near Floyd Bennett Field and rode past it all the time on my bicycle. It was always a great neighborhood.

Why are these illegal migrants not being shipped to President Biden’s home state of Delaware?

The number of migrants being sent to Delaware is much lower than the number being sent to New York. I think that is very unfair.

Harvey Goldstein

Punta Gorda, Fla.

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