July 19, 2024

DDG Denies Having A Daughter With Halle Bailey


DDG is shutting down rumors about his personal life, all while telling his fans how weird he thinks it is that they care so much.

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Over the weekend, the Youtuber took to Snapchat to converse with his fans and answer some of their burning questions. During the session, DDG got visibly frustrated when someone asked him if he has a daughter with his girlfriend, Halle Bailey.

He started his answer by simply stating, “No” before going into a much longer monologue about how some of his supporters are way too invested in his personal life.

“I don’t know why people are so invested in what I got going on or what we got going on,” DDG stated. “Bro, mind your business.”

The rapper continued, “Go outside. Touch some grass. Do a cartwheel in the backyard or something. I genuinely don’t understand why do y’all be so invested in people that don’t know you.”

The star then encouraged his fans to focus on themselves this year, not celebrities.

“Whatever is going on in my life or her life is not going to change yours,” he stated. “Let’s focus on ourselves [in] 2024. Let’s try to lock in ourselves, not other people. Please, mind your business.”

No matter what DDG says, it’s safe to say fans of him and Halle won’t stop being nosey until they finally admit to (allegedly) having a baby.

While neither of them have ever confirmed that they were expecting, multiple photos of the Little Mermaid star seemed to show a growing belly over the course of the past couple months.

The drive home the rumors even more, over the Christmas holiday, videos posted by DDG showed Halle moving very slowly, making fans believe she was still recovering after recently giving birth. Some supporters also claimed to hear a baby crying in the background of certain clips.

Unfortunately, DDG has made his stance clear, and whether or not they actually had a child…we won’t be seeing them any time soon.

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