July 19, 2024

Fan Alleges Marshawn Lynch Broke His iPhone Outside Bar


Marshawn Lynch - Pittsburgh Steelers v Seattle Seahawks

Marshawn Lynch – Source: Jane Gershovich / Getty

A Seahawk fan alleges Marshawn Lynch left him with a broken iPhone after a heated confrontation over a picture outside a Seattle bar.

Marshawn Lynch is usually one of the most laid-back and funniest people on the planet. Even while he is enjoying his NFL retirement he still answers and shows up to deliver the best content. If you haven’t caught him on NFL on PRIME you’re missing out. According to TMZ, an eager Seahawks fan alleges he had the opposite experience with Bestmode outside of a Seattle bar recently.

Jose Lozano claims he bumped into Lynch at a bar in downtown Seattle. As a Seahawks fan, he apparently couldn’t control his excitement and tried to get a picture but was shut down by Marshawn’s friend. Even with the friend directly telling him “no pictures” Lozano had other plans. Coincidentally Lozano happened to be outside the bar when Lynch was leaving and approached him again, yelling “Marshawn! Beastmode!”.

All of this was captured in a video he was recording that ended when Lynch allegedly lunged at him after he yelled his name. This is where things get interesting as the fan claims Lynch took his phone and got irate with him.

“Y’all mother f***ers are weird,” Marshawn allegedly stated before breaking his cellular device.

Lozano says Beastmode broke his iPhone with his bare hands but he retrieved the phone before the pro baller escaped. Lozano revealed he won’t be contacting the police but certainly wishes the exchange went down differently.

Sometimes you have to know when to respect people’s space and take “no” for an answer. If not you run the risk of having your iPhone 14 damaged and your ego brusied.

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