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The Issue: The Christmas Day stabbings of two teenage tourists at Grand Central Terminal.

Steven Hutcherson, the man arrested for stabbing two teen girls in Grand Central this week, has a long history with mental illness — as do a large percentage of incarcerated people (“Time Bomb,” Dec. 28).

Many with mental illness live with chronic conditions that require continuous medication. Such drugs often have unpleasant side effects. So patients understandably don’t want to take them and, unless held accountable, often stop altogether.

Before the 1970s, those prone to violence were confined to mental facilities where they were kept on medication. Later, advocates for freedom for the mentally ill demanded these institutions be closed and that mental hospitals be replaced by community care.

The result is before us all: Many are kept in prisons rather than mental institutions, while others live on the street, usually unmedicated. Judges have nowhere to send them, except jail or back to the street.
We need to reopen mental facilities and monitor them to ensure patients receive appropriate care.

Peter C. Welch


Judge Matthew Grieco must be removed from his post. It is unconscionable that this inept bureaucrat would release the Grand Central stabber after the district attorney called for his remand. There are no checks or balances in New York government.

In the Batman universe, Gotham allowed the Joker to thrive. The lunatic in the purple suit was par for the course. Impotent governors like Andrew Cuomo and Kathy Hochul, as well as mayors like Bill de Blasio and Eric Adams, created this mess and continue to let it fester.

Someone, please fire up the bat signal. Maybe there’s another Bloomberg waiting in the wings who can finally drain this swamp.

Peter Goldring

Freehold, NJ

After more than 30 years in the law, Grieco doesn’t recognize mental illness when he sees it. This judge is the epitome of progressive liberal justice. Hutcherson needs to be locked up and treated and Grieco needs to find another line of work.

Robert Mangi


Dining at Grand Central truly is a horror. We have people walking around after 17 prior arrests — whatever happened to “three strikes and you’re out”?

The answer, of course, is that the city voted liberal socialists into office, politicians who seem to care more about criminals than citizens.

Years ago we had mental institutions, but politicians did away with those facilities. Now the severely mentally ill walk among us. I’m a native New Yorker, but unfortunately, I no longer want to go into the city of my birth. It’s truly sad how our society has changed because we voted the wrong people into office.
So what is the solution? We must confine violent, mentally ill individuals to institutions or prisons.

Philip Vallone


Why was the Grand Central stabber on the streets after 17 prior arrests? Why are liberal DAs and judges allowed to wield power? Why do people vote for those who endanger their lives and the lives of their children?

The Bronx judge who freed Hutcherson is morally implicated in the stabbings. He should also be investigated for judicial malpractice.

JR Cummings


Nicole Gelinas’ column again showcased Mayor Adams as a conman (“Missing the Train,” PostOpinion, Dec. 27).

She points out that felonies continue to skyrocket, with more than 124,000 in 2023. New Yorkers need to take a moment and realize this is more than 340 offenses every single day.

Ironically, on Christmas, two days before Adams’ press conference touting his supposed success on crime, two young sisters visiting New York were stabbed by a man in Grand Central.

It is apparent that the mayor is in way over his head. On his watch, New York City has become one big mess. The only way the city can recover is to vote Adams out of office.

Nicholas Maffei


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