Guy Fieri shares sweaty, shirtless sauna selfie after ‘last workout’ of 2023


Guy Fieri got one last sweat in before the new year.

The Food Network star took to Instagram Friday and shared a shirtless selfie of himself hitting the sauna after a sweaty gym session.

“Last workout of the year followed up with hot sauna and cold plunge,” he wrote over the snap. “Hope everyone has great holidays!!”

Fieri smiled as his iconic bleach-blond hair was spiked up on top and combed back with sweat on the sides.

His bare hairy chest was also on full display along with the giant tattoos on his arms.

The food guru later showed the sauna’s thermometer at 176 degrees Fahrenheit as he added, “Bring on the heat!!”

The Food Network star took to Instagram Friday to show off a selfie of himself in the sauna after a sweaty gym session. Guy Fieri/Instagram

Aside from ringing in the New Year, Fieri, 55, will also celebrate his son Ryder’s “big 18th” on Dec. 31.

“Gettin’ me ready,” he continued.

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Along with Ryder, the restaurateur shares son Hunter, 27, with his wife, Lori, 52.

He’s also been raising his 22-year-old nephew Jules since his sister Mordan died in 2011.

“Last workout of the year followed up with hot sauna and cold plunge,” he captioned the snap. Getty Images for Maxim

Fieri has shown some tough love to his boys, revealing they won’t get a dime of his million-dollar fortune unless they earn two degrees.

“I told my boys, ‘None of this that we’ve been . . . that I’ve been building are you going to get unless you come and take it from me,’” he told Fox News earlier this month.

Otherwise, the celebrity chef warned his kids they could expect him “to die” broke.

Fieri’s bare chest and arm tattoos were on full display in the pic. Jeremiah Alley

In the past, Fieri has been frugal about giving his kids too much money, as he revealed he gifted his son Ryder his eldest’s old pickup truck for his birthday last year.

“Hunter wanted my truck, so Hunter bought my truck, and we made Ryder buy Hunter’s truck,” he told People in February, adding he gave his youngest half the cost to purchase the vehicle.

“We had taken the truck from Hunter, taken it to the detail shop, had it all gone through, and made it Ryder’s truck and a couple of my buddies come driving up the driveway and honked the horn. He lost it. I’ve never seen him happier about a gift he was getting.”

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