July 19, 2024

Harvard’s refusal to oust Claudine Gay amid alleged plagiarism


The Issue: Harvard University’s refusal to oust Claudine Gay amid allegations of plagiarism.

Why does Harvard still protect its plagiarizing president (“Gay catching stat-ic,” Dec. 27)?

There isn’t any real dispute that Gay plagiarized, since Harvard announced that she will be fixing missing citations. She even allegedly plagiarized in her PhD dissertation.
It has been suggested that she is staying on because firing her would show that Harvard was wrong in hiring her to start. That’s problematic if you’re the Harvard Corporation. So, she stays. But for how long? Harvard knows it must act but needs a cover.

If the federal government reduces funding or threatens to remove Harvard’s tax-exempt status, the game will end. Such financial pain (or threat of it) will give Harvard the very excuse it needs to let Gay go. It’s now simply a matter of time.

Just as Liz Magill had to step down from the University of Pennsylvania, so Gay should be gone as well.

Michael A. Kaufman

East Brunswick, NJ

I think the Harvard president should take her exit cue from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
As King once stated, people should be judged by the “content of their character.”

It appears to me that based on apparent plagiarism of other people’s work numerous times, Dr. Gay should be fired.

If we can not trust the veracity of research coming out of respected academic institutions, we are in deep trouble. The content of her character stinks.

Martin Garfinkle

Staten Island

In Annie Hall, Woody Allen’s character observes that “Harvard makes mistakes, too. Kissinger taught there.”

The punchline should be updated to better reflect Harvard’s current laughingstock status. I would suggest: “Harvard makes mistakes, too. Gay is its president.”

Michael G. Brautigam

Tallinn, Estonia

Gay is a phony and a cheat. She has dishonored Harvard University.

Why are we still giving this person coverage in the press? And why has she been allowed to maintain her position at Harvard?

Her actions are a complete disgrace to the individuals who worked very hard and legitimately earned their title and status. Enough already: Fire her.

Gene O’Brien


The Harvard Corporation’s refusal to terminate Gay is a shameful display of hubris and arrogance.
As evidence of academic misconduct mounts, Harvard refuses to recognize that it is not above reproach. Would students be held to such low standards?

Harvard accepted her disastrous congressional testimony, and now it seems to be tolerating her academic shortcomings as well.

Where is the show of “veritas” that is emblazoned on Harvard’s crest?

Mel Young

Boca Raton, Fla.

Gay’s alleged plagiarism is outrageous.

Worse yet, she has allowed idiots to run wild rallying for a recognized terror organization, then refusing to admit it in the guise of free speech. Rampant antisemitism is currently spreading on her campus.

Seymour Srulowitz

Englewood, NJ

For the sake of all things crimson, I hope Harvard has a Yale law grad or two on retainer.
Harvard is going to need them, because the university is about to be inundated with lawsuits from former students who were censored or booted from school for plagiarism — the kind that didn’t even rise to the level of Gay’s infractions.

John Park

Hobe Sound, Fla.

Michael Goodwin reminds us the American people can’t handle the asperity of the woke culture on college campus (“Wake up Harvard, Gay must go,” Post Opinion, Dec. 24).

Three presidents of Ivy league institutions testified in front of Congress, and not one of them appeared knowledgeable about genocide. In what context is Hamas ever worthy of a defense? These presidents’ leadership has had a deleterious effect on higher education.

I suggest they go back to school — just not an Ivy League one.

Peter Cooper


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