Here’s why people are flocking to Texas — and fleeing New York


DALLAS, TEXAS — As 2024 begins, New Yorkers find themselves at a crossroads: Many have left; even more are thinking about it.

Burdened by high taxes, stifling regulations, rampant crime and homelessness, failing schools and an atmosphere that hampers the entrepreneurial American spirit, New Yorkers are flocking south for a friendlier and more vibrant alternative. 

Indeed, the snowbirds are rapidly multiplying, opting for the South’s affordability, happiness and sunnier days and becoming full-fledged, permanent Southern Sun Seekers.

While new Census data shows New York lost more people (102,000) than any other state from July 2022 through June 2023, the South has accounted for nearly all of the nation’s growth.

Texas, perhaps even more so than Florida, is a prime destination.

What’s driving folks here?

Above all, the state offers a haven for those seeking prosperity, innovation and a more business-friendly environment.

Consider: After Texas voters overwhelmingly approved Proposition 4, a resounding $18 billion property-tax cut in November, it won praise as the nexus of economic opportunity and responsible governance.

The Empire State, meanwhile, is going headlong in the opposite direction.

And the Lone Star State doesn’t just offer relief to residents; it presents a compelling case for New Yorkers, both individuals and businesses, to consider making the move.

The benefits of Prop. 4 are significant, with Texans poised to enjoy a considerable boost in their finances.

The average annual savings of at least $1,300 on property taxes is a game-changer, complemented by a reduction in franchise taxes that fosters a more favorable environment for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

The state’s surplus of $32 billion is a testament to its commitment to financial stability at a time when other states are grappling with deficits.

New York, following the Bidenomics model of excessive spending and borrowing, is drowning in red ink, despite its high taxes: The state faces a nearly $22 billion budget shortfall over the next three years — and the city’s gap is even larger.

Nor is Prop. 4 just a gift to individuals; it’s an invitation for businesses to thrive.

Leading industries — financial services, space, tech, agriculture, energy — are finding a new home in Texas. 

The Lone Star State stands as an economic powerhouse, drawing businesses away from traditional hubs like New York with its compelling blend of pro-business policies and a commitment to small, responsive government. 

It boasts the world’s eighth-largest economy based on GDP, rivaling even that of Brazil.

Prop. 4 exemplifies the state’s dedication to a pro-taxpayer environment, relieving citizens of school-tax burdens while maintaining local responsiveness. 

Remember, Texas has no income tax; New York’s combined state and city tax is the highest in America.

Concerned about the environment? Then you should know that Texas features the largest portfolio of renewables of any state and a deep-rooted commitment to sustainability.

Our secret sauce? Innate optimism and an entrepreneurial spirit, tracing back to the days of wildcatters and the Spindletop oil boom in Beaumont.

This has created an atmosphere highly conducive to growth and innovation. 

Dallas, in particular, has emerged as the one of the nation’s foremost financial-services hub, creating over 32,000 new jobs in the sector since 2019.

Today, only Gotham can claim more financial-services jobs (though that might soon change).

The list of companies that have chosen to either completely or partly relocate in our state sounds like a cattle call for capitalism in the Texas Hill Country.

And as financial behemoths such as JPMorgan, Capital One, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo and Bank of America increasingly move here, it sends a signal to the rest of the nation, further swelling the rush.

The Lone Star State’s pro-business, small-government, low-tax policies, its lower cost of living and robust workforce development all act as a beacon for those seeking a favorable environment for growth.

Texas also offers a superior quality of life, including a diverse range of educational opportunities.

On Zillow, you can find a 2,000-square-foot home just 30 minutes outside a major metropolitan area for under $500,000 without much fuss.  

Jobs and commerce? Austin, with its vibrant-tech sector hosting Elon Musk’s ventures, has earned the moniker “Silicon Prairie” and is giving Silicon Valley a run for its money.

Even Californians are finding refuge in Texas. Per U-Haul’s Growth Index, Texas was the No. 1 growth state in 2022, based on one-way truck destinations, for the second consecutive year and fifth time since 2016. Florida ranked second. California and New York ranked 50th and 46th, respectively. 

Fact is, the freedom to innovate, grow and succeed is woven into the fabric of our state, even as the American dream seems to be fading in New York.

The Lone Star State beckons. Why? Freedom here is bigger. Dreams are boundless.

Genevieve Collins is the Texas State director for Americans for Prosperity.

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