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This week Psychic Zya is back with her predictions for the year ahead. Make sure to screenshot or bookmark this post so you can come back and refer to it all year long!

Astro Overview:

ZYA’S 2024 OUTLOOK: ALL SIGNS 12/29/23

2024 is an 8 year. (2+2+4). Which deals with reaping Karma (your payback on foul stuff you’ve done) and Dharma (your payback on good things you’ve done.) It’s also the year where a select few will move into great wealth— looking at you entrepreneurs — and yet many more may find themselves languishing and or falling into in poverty.

Your mindset and consistent action will be the deciding factor.

It’s also a year where the collective will be moving further up the point of awakening which deepens the need for us to get light- physically, energetically and emotionally – which means that the collective will be releasing a lot of generational trauma (this will be ugly) as well having a mass awakening which will prompt new ideals, ways of behaving and a basically a global catalyst for all of us to reclaim our ancient future metaphysical gifts.

2024 is all about getting in touch with our feelings. As you move throughout the year and you connect with people- no matter the reason of connection- let your body- emotions and physical sensation – tell you what energy exchange is present with this person.

Sounds like a lot? Yup it is.

This is the year to learn about and practice, Shadow Work, Quantum Healing, Personal Visualization, Jumping Timelines, Learning the Ritual Magick of your ancestors and embracing swift ongoing change.

If nothing else learn some Money Magick rituals – it will serve you well.

If you’re seeking to ascend to the highest plane spiritually then you’ll have to cocoon yourself away from negative people, media and personal self-sabotage patterns. This also applies to those who are seeking to build massive wealth starting with this year.

A word of caution for those who have unprocessed trauma- this is the year —to get into therapy or work with a natural healer like a shaman. As you may find that you can longer suppress the “ick” of what happened to you.

On a brighter note I’ve included your power colors, power numbers and a power mantra. Use these by wearing the power colors on important days – job interview, first date, etc as well as adding them to your wardrobe, your beauty looks and your home decor. The numbers can be incorporated by also scheduling important events on these dates (i.e.test taking, surgeries etc) and you can even go so far as to have a key chain made in those numbers. You should also Google up each number to find out the spiritual meaning/vibration of each one. I love the site Sacred Scribes Angel Numbers. As for your power mantra- say this to yourself daily while looking in the mirror for at least ten minutes a day and watch how things easily manifest for you.

Be sure to save this and send it to your friends. Let’s goooo!

Alright now, let’s get into these horoscopes! Hit the flip for your sign.

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