July 19, 2024

Impressive Results from J’ouvert and Road March at Sugar Mas 52 – NevisPages.com


The St. Kitts & Nevis National Carnival Committee (SKNNCC) is delighted to announce the results from the J’ouvert and Road March competitions, which have added a vibrant dimension to the ongoing Sugar Mas 52 celebrations.

In the category of Large J’ouvert Troupes:

1. Red Devils emerged as the indisputable champions, securing the top position with an impressive score of 229 points. They receive a well-deserved prize of $20,000.

2. Chattabox Jouvert claimed the title of the 1st runner-up, with a total score of 223 points, earning them a prize of $15,000.

3. Xtreme Jouvert stood strong as the 2nd runner-up, amassing a notable score of 191 points and receiving a prize of $10,000.

Within the Small J’ouvert Troupes category:

1. Small Axe Band Jouvert Warriors triumphed as the winners, earning an outstanding score of 301 points and a prize of $6,000.

2. Fantasy Jouvert secured the position of the 1st runner-up with an impressive score of 270 points, earning them a prize of $4,000.

3. GM Addix earned the title of the 2nd runner-up with a score of 259 points.

Regarding the Road March competition:

The highly anticipated Road March competition was a resounding success, featuring captivating rhythms that reverberated through the streets of Basseterre. The final results are as follows:

1. Small Axe Band captured the coveted Road March title with their infectious song “Showcase,” earning a total of 816 points and a prize of $20,000.

2. Grand Masters Band claimed the 2nd position with their hit “Happy,” amassing a total of 751 points and a prize of $15,000.

3. Nu Vybes secured the 3rd position with their vibrant song “Ken and Barbie,” accumulating a total of 740 points and a prize of $10,000.

The SKNNCC commends all J’ouvert troupes for their dedication to costume presentation and group coordination, which significantly contributed to the success of this morning’s festivities. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the winners and participants of J’ouvert and Road March, whose passion and energy continue to elevate the spirit of Sugar Mas 52.

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