Jermaine Jackson Accused Of Home Invasion & Sexual Assault


A woman is accusing Jermaine Jackson, founding Jackson 5 member, of “egregious and violent sexual assault” in 1988 and she’s claiming that Berry Gordy allegedly covered it up.

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Rita Barrett filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles on Wednesday, accusing Jackson of sexually assaulting her with “force and violence.” According to Rolling Stone, the suit names Jackson,  Jackson Music Productions, and Work Records as defendants.

Barrett is suing for unspecified damages for sexual assault, battery, sexual battery, and negligence.

Rita Barrett’s Account Of The Alleged Home Invasion And Sexual Assault

Barrett said she met Jackson through her husband Ben’s relationship with Berry Gordy while working as a music contractor.

She accused Michael Jackson’s big brother of showing up to her home uninvited in 1988 to attack her. Barrett reportedly “feared for her life” until Jackson left.

“Defendant Jackson forced himself into Plaintiff’s home, and with force and violence sexually assaulted Plaintiff,” the lawsuit states.

“During the assault, Plaintiff, a woman of faith, prayed to God for help. During the assault, Plaintiff feared for her life. After the assault and when Defendant Jackson was satiated, he left the residence.”

For those wondering why Barrett didn’t come forward in 1988, she claims she did.

See what Rita Barrett says Berry Gordy did when she reported the alleged assault to him after the flip.

Rita Barrett’s Lawsuit Accuses Berry Gordy Of Covering Up Alleged Jermaine Jackson Assault In 1988

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Rita Barrett isn’t suing Motown Records founder Berry Gordy. However, she accused him of helping Jermaine Jackson get away with the alleged rape. According to the filing, Barrett went to Gordy directly with her accusations about Jackson. She claims her family friend covered it up to protect his profits.

Gordy “was uniquely situated to both report Defendant Jackson’s acts and to aid plaintiff during her time of trauma”, according to the lawsuit per Rolling Stone.

“Instead, Mr. Gordy withheld and concealed the acts, further perpetuating the coverup and allowing Mr. Gordy, Defendant Jackson, and others in the business relationship to continue to reap profits derived from Mr. Jackson’s work and reputation for years to come.”

Although the alleged home invasion and sexual assault took place 35 years ago, she can pursue justice under California’s AB2777. Like New York’s Adult Survivor’s Act, AB2777 waives the statute of limitations for civil lawsuits about sexual misconduct.

These statutes allowed alleged victims to recently come forward against seemingly untouchable people like Diddy, L.A. Reid, and Vin Diesel. Until then, alleged victims like Barrett suffered “in silence and shame for decades.”

“Rita Barrett suffered an egregious and violent sexual assault,” said Jeff Anderson, Barrett’s attorney.

“This is about her power and the declaration of it when she learned something could be done under the law, and she found the strength and support to find us and is now standing up for herself and others.”

Jermaine Jackson and Berry Gordy have not yet publicly responded to the lawsuit or allegations.

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