Joan Rivers’ ‘haunted’ NYC home removed from market after 3 years


Joan Rivers’ iconic NYC penthouse, which she staunchly believed was haunted, has been pulled from the market after nearly three years without finding a buyer, The Post has learned.

This decision follows a jaw-dropping $3.5 million price cut four months ago, signaling a struggle to entice potential purchasers into this opulent Versailles-inspired penthouse.

Situated on Manhattan’s Upper East Side on 62nd Street near Fifth Avenue, the abode once owned by the comedic legend until her passing in 2014 was initially sold for $24 million by her estate — a considerable dip from the original $28 million asking price.

Its current proprietor, Prince Muhammad bin Fahd of the Saudi royal family, son of the late King Fahd, and former governor of Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province, attempted a resale in 2021 at a staggering $38 million.

This exquisite property boasts breathtaking views of Central Park, a grandeur that justifies its lofty valuation.

A large entryway where the marbled steps lead to the main living quarters. Dolly Lenz Real Estate / Evan Joseph
The triplex has five wood-burning fireplaces and encompasses 1,190 square feet with two terraces offering another 430 square feet. Evan Joseph Images
The grand saloon. Dolly Lenz Real Estate / Evan Joseph
One of several living spaces. Dolly Lenz Real Estate / Evan Joseph

Spanning 5,200 square feet, the five-bedroom, five-bathroom home has two expansive terraces totaling an additional 430 square feet that epitomize Big Apple luxury living.

Designed in the Neo-French Classic style by renowned architect Horace Trumbauer, this residence stands as one of his magnum opuses within the city. Adorned with grand gold details and soaring 23-foot ceilings, the penthouse echoes the opulence of the Palace of Versailles.

In her past interviews, Rivers whimsically described it as “Louis XIV meets Fred and Ginger.”

Rivers meticulously curated the triplex penthouse after purchasing it in 1988, turning it into a diva’s haven where even Princess Diana was among her entertained guests.

Joan Rivers once said she saw a ghost in the home. Evan Joseph Images
A formal living room with intricate paneling and high ceilings. Dolly Lenz Real Estate / Evan Joseph
There are 5,200 lavish square feet of ornate space inside, including five fireplaces. Dolly Lenz Real Estate / Evan Joseph
The home has 23-foot ceilings and an interior balcony. Dolly Lenz Real Estate / Evan Joseph
The grand balcony.

Her touch of comedy and elegance graced every inch of the space, which she lovingly crafted following her husband’s passing. She lived in the home for 28 years, even serving as the condo board president until her death at age 81.

Beyond the extravagant decor and impressive amenities, one peculiar aspect of this residence emerged – its purported haunting.

Rivers adamantly claimed the presence of a ghost, “Mrs. Spencer,” believed to be J.P. Morgan’s niece and the initial inhabitant of the John R. Drexel mansion during a 2009 appearance in an episode of “Celebrity Ghost Stories.”

One of five bedrooms inside. Dolly Lenz Real Estate / Evan Joseph
Another bedroom. Dolly Lenz Real Estate / Evan Joseph
An ornate dining area fit for the French royalty. Evan Joseph Uhlfelder
The elegant mansion is ghost-free thanks to Rivers. Evan Joseph Uhlfelder

This ghostly presence, Rivers alleged, lingered around her bedroom, even observing her makeup routines, prompting her to summon a voodoo priestess in a bid to exorcise the supernatural being.

This legendary property boasts five wood-burning fireplaces, a private elevator, a two-story gallery, a ballroom, a paneled library, a formal dining room adorned with 18th-century French panels, and additional wood-burning fireplaces alongside a terrace.

Despite its unparalleled features, the spectral presence seemed to deter potential buyers.

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