Joe Biden’s made the Middle East into a tinderbox


The Middle East is aflame and looks to remain that way now for some time, if not get worse. This is the world President Biden has produced. 

Most worrisome: Iran is on the cusp of nuclear breakout. 

Our feckless prez expended huge amounts of time and energy early in his term trying to resurrect his former boss Barack Obama’s disastrous nuclear deal. 

When that failed, he switched to appeasement, including hefty ransom for hostages.

The result: Iran’s ramping up production of enriched uranium to near-weapons grade, returning to the alarming levels seen before a brief slowdown this year.

The mad mullahs are now thisclose to having enough stockpiled to assemble at least a few nukes.  

Biden’s fecklessness also played a role, at least indirectly, in the Oct. 7 Hamas atrocities by empowering Iran, which was a key player behind the attacks. 

Plus, Hamas itself might have sensed increasing daylight between the United States under Biden and its greatest regional ally, emboldening it to attack.

The president continues to give the terrorists hope with ugly public statements like his recent whopper that Israel is bombing indiscriminately. 

The terror cadre’s wholehearted rejection this week of any peace offer is another consequence: Hamas leadership has sussed out that Biden’s backing of Israel is highly qualified and is betting the farm he’ll turn against the Jewish state, forcing it to stand down prematurely, at some point. 

Israel, too, now faces an existential fight against genocidal maniacs — one that has required Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to pledge a fight until Hamas is destroyed.

So the fighting looks unlikely to end any time soon.

It’s a two-front war for Israel, by the way. 

Jerusalem is facing direct threats from Iran, after Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Commander Sayyed Razi Mousavi was killed in an airstrike in Syria. 

To say nothing of the recent naval humiliation the United States suffers in the Red Sea and the endless, widespread attacks on our military assets across the region.

There, another crew of Iran-backed terrorists, the Houthis, have made the area unsafe for commercial-ship traffic via attacks on cargo vessels.

Yes, the United States has launched “Operation Prosperity Guardian” to protect such shipping. But how credibly can that deterrence be taken?

Indeed, Iran is making direct threats there as well, promising “the closure of the Mediterranean Sea” unless America steps away from Israel’s war against Hamas. 

Iranian proxy forces have also been striking at US military targets, causing dozens of severe injuries. 

Biden at last ordered a meaningful retaliation against Iraq’s Kataib Hezbollah after the Iran-backed terror group injured three US troops in a drone attack.

But it’s too little, too late. And what happens when other proxies — or even Tehran itself — up the ante on those fronts yet again?

The Middle East, in other words, is on fire.

Biden’s horribly misguided approach to the region was like pouring gasoline on a tinderbox and then inviting our enemies to light the match. 

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