Kelly Ripa says Mark Consuelos gave her gym memberships as Christmas gifts: ‘I didn’t use it’


Kelly Ripa has stayed ripped all these years in part thanks to her husband, Mark Consuelos.

On Tuesday’s episode of “Live With Kelly and Mark,” Ripa explained that her spouse would give her a membership to the Reebok Sports Club in New York City for Christmas.

“I feel like early in our relationship, every year, you purchased me a gym membership … And every year I didn’t use it,” Ripa, 53, said on the morning talk show. “And then Christmas would come and you would get me a gym membership!”

After several years of this, Ripa’s friends prompted her to consider if Consuelo’s gift had any hidden meaning.

“One day, one of my girlfriends said, ‘Maybe he’s trying to tell you something?’ And then it dawned on me, ‘Oh my gosh, he’s trying to tell me something!’”

Her 52-year-old beau and husband of 27 years laughed off the accusation that he was “trying to tell” his wife something.

On Tuesday’s episode of “Live With Kelly and Mark,” Ripa explained that her spouse would give her a membership to the Reebok Sports Club in New York City for Christmas. ABC

“No, it’s a way of life,” he retorted. “It’s a lifestyle!”

Ripa agreed with Consuelos and said she was thankful for the perspiration presents.

“You’re right. It was good for me,” Ripa declared. “I’m glad that you stuck with it.”

Ripa is no stranger to the gym and in the past has said that SoulCycle classes are her preferred method for staying in shape.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos attend “Live With Kelly and Mark” at the Paley Museum on Oct. 11, 2023, in New York City. Getty Images

“This is my version of the club,” she told Style of Sport in 2017. “It’s the only place I feel really comfortable and where I have sort of found my ‘tribe’ to coin a phrase.”

In addition to working out, the host says she eats “a mostly clean diet.”

“I definitely reward myself once in a while,” she explained. “I’ve never been a sweets eater. It actually hurts my teeth.”

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos co-host “Live With Kelly and Mark,” which airs weekdays and in syndication. ABC

Ripa’s personal trainer, Anna Kaiser, explained in November how her client maintains her physique.

“She does [have the perfect body],” Kaiser revealed to the Messenger. “As we age, we stop thinking about perfection. And we think more about feeling really good in our skin.

“It’s funny that they talk about it on the talk show, but I think again those of us that grew up in this culture where it was about deprivation and keeping ourselves skinny to feel valued,” Kaiser added.” Now it’s about feeling strong and energized and happy in our skin.”

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