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Manuel Hernández’s La emigración canaria a Venezuela a lo largo de la historia (Le Canarien ediciones, 2023) offers a synthesis on the trajctory of Canarian emigration to Venezuela through the centuries.

Description: This work is a journey through the history of a relationship that goes back five centuries. With a wide range of documentary and bibliographic sources, this book is an approach to a migration from the 16th century to the present day, whose links are so close that, without this interweaving, the future of those two territories may not be understood.

Conquered almost simultaneously by the crown of Castile, the country of the Orinoco and the Archipelago, Canarians, with trade with Venezuela since the 16th century, participated in its conquest and colonization. But it is from 1670 onwards that a vigorous family migration developed, which extended throughout its territory and reached its zenith in the first decade of the 19th century. Involved in the wars for independence, [Canarian migration] became the majority migration in that century.

After the break of the dictatorship of Juan Vicente Gómez, it expanded strongly with agricultural colonies, clandestine and massive emigration starting with Pérez Jiménez. The Venezuelan crisis of 1983 led to the return of a portion of the immigrants and their descendants, a phenomenon that continues to this day.

The work, sponsored by the Government of the Canary Islands and the City Council of La Orotava, is the first issue of the Miscelánea Canaria collection, led by Manuel de Paz.

For more information, see https://lecanarienediciones.com/inicio/299-la-emigracion-canaria-a-venezuela-a-lo-largo-de-la-historia.html

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