Lore’l Reveals She Taught Beyoncé How To Play This Card Game


If a story starts with “Alright, so boom,” you know it’s about to be a good one.

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That’s the vibe of our brand-new podcast of the same name, hosted by Nzinga Imani, Rae Holliday and Janeé Bolden. Digging into the origin stories of celebs is kind of our thing, and every week, we’ll go into all the behind-the-scenes details about your faves.

This week, for Episode 6 we welcomed rapper, reality star and The Morning Hustle radio host Lore’l to discuss her career, a few of her unfiltered viral moments, teaching Beyonce how to play BS, and more!

Right off the bat we had to get the story on how Lore’l (whose real name is Monica) landed on her name.

She revealed how the name came to her during her days as an intern at Sony Records.

“I just used to be battling people,” Lore’l revealed. “Whoever wanted to hear me rap, I would just rap, like on the spot. So they’d be like, ‘You good but your name is trash…’”

At the time, Lore’l said the name she was using was “Ricochet,” but Sony music executives Kawan “KP” Prather and “Baby Paul” Hendricks told her she should use a softer name.

“They were like, ‘Yo your bars is so hard, you rap hard, but you need something soft ’cause you’re kind of girly, so you need something like L’Oreal.’ I was like, ‘That’s whack who would say L’Oreal, that’s a makeup ain’t it?’ and both of them was like, ‘Come back and let us know what you gonna make your name.’ So I came back like, ‘I got the perfect name.’ It was the next day and they’re like, ‘What is it?’ I’m like, ‘Lore’l.’”

This had to be one of the juiciest episodes of the season and Lore’l fully delivered when it came to describing her unexpected celebrity encounters. It turns out that when she was still a teenager — Lo met Beyoncé and taught her to play the card game BS!

“Alright, so… BOOM! I taught Beyoncé how to play BS right?” Lore’l told the ASB crew. ” I probably was like 16-years-old, or fifteen, but I used to date Jay’s nephew [Colleek] you know, God rest his soul he passed away… I remember it was Thanksgiving. We always would go to his grandmother, Miss Gloria [Carter] house or whatever… so Beyoncé was there and Uncle Jay, of course, he was there, and we’re playing BS and she ain’t know how to play. She ain’t never played it before, so we cheating. When I tell you like, I’m putting four cards underneath the one like, ‘Ace!’ Like Beyoncé, she playing right, cause that’s the game… So we cheated, and she losing and she got mad cards. So when Jay comes down and he’s like ‘You don’t see that they getting you?’ I did feel kind of bad. She was so sweet. I told him to flip it over and I had like three eights, like a seven, two sixes, I was just trying to get rid of whatever. It was just such a sweet innocent moment for her to be like, ‘Oh y’all got me! I trusted you!’”

There’s more moments you don’t want to miss, including Lore’l talking about getting suspended from Love & Hip Hop NY and viral moments with Tank, Michael B. Jordan and more…For all the details, you’ve got to check out the full episode of Alright, So… Boom! HERE or on Apple and Spotify podcasts.

You can also find full episodes of Alright, So… Boom episodes on the BOSSIP YouTube channel.

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