Melody Rejects Martell’s Olive Branch


On the season finale of Love & Marriage Huntsville Melody rejects an olive branch from Martell and BOSSIP’s got an exclusive look at their tense sit down.

The finale of OWN’s hit unscripted series airs Saturday, December 30 at 8 pm ET/PT on OWN and it includes a face-off between the ex-husband and wife after The Fletchers’ team building goes left.

Love & Marriage Huntsville, #LAMH

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During what was supposed to be a chance for people to make amends in Houston, Martell was adamant that Melody cheated in their marriage and implored Nell Fletcher to take his side.

“Melody, she cheated too,” said Martell in a confessional.

Love & Marriage Hunstville

Source: OWN / Love & Marriage Huntsville

Love & Marriage Hunstville

Source: OWN / Love & Marriage Huntsville

“Tell me when I cheated, who and where?” said Melody in front of the friend group.

Love & Marriage Hunstville

Source: OWN / Love & Marriage Huntsville

“In March of 2017 I found out that he had been cheating on me for two years. Then I stayed with him,” she said. “In October, homecoming of [Alabama] A&M 2017, I caught him in the truck with his other baby mama. I left and got my own apartment in December, I moved out.

She continued,

“He and I didn’t get back together until about April 2018.”

Martell alleged however that in the past Mel would book hotel rooms amid their fights and and their sex life changed. According to him, he suspected that she was cheating, and that led him to have a multiyear affair and ultimately a child outside of his marriage.

“She used to do that often, that’s when things started changing,” said Martell. “Sex started changing. I started complaining, I complained for about a year before I stepped out. As a man, what you want me to do?”

Love & Marriage Hunstville

Source: OWN / Love & Marriage Huntsville

“Now because you got caught cheating after all these years, I was cheating?” asked Mel incredulously. “Man, get the f***k outta here!”

Now in the finale, Melody is over his antics and she’s making it clear that they’ll never be in a place of peace because Martell continues to be “an agent of chaos.”

Love & Marriage Huntsville Finale Clip

In an exclusive clip from Saturday’s finale, Mel and Martell have a sitdown that’s clearly going in circles.

Love & Marriage Huntsville

Source: OWN / Love & Marriage Huntsville

“It’s my hope that we can stay in a place of peace,” says Martell boldly after dragging Mel in front of their friends. “What would it take for us to get to that space?”

“It’s not gonna happen,” says Mel.

Love & Marriage Huntsville

Source: OWN / Love & Marriage Huntsville

A bewildered Martell says he’s been waving a white flag “for so long” but Mel is unconvinced.

Love & Marriage Huntsville

Source: OWN / Love & Marriage Huntsville

“Your flag waving is a red declare war flag,” she says. She adds in a confessional that he’s once again playing mind games amid him spreading false narratives about her.

“You said to me when we were married I was going to hotels cheating on you.”

“I didn’t…I didn’t say that you were…” starts Martell. “I said it was a possibility.”

Love & Marriage Huntsville

Source: OWN / Love & Marriage Huntsville

He then backs down and apologizes but as you can imagine, his apology is not accepted.

“You know what? It’s okay, I’m sorry for that,” says Martell.

“No you’re not,” says Mel.

Love & Marriage Huntsville

Source: OWN / Love & Marriage Huntsville

Take an exclusive look below.

The season finale of Love & Marriage Hunstville titled “Family, Fidelity & Fish Fries” airs Saturday, December 30 at 8 pm ET/PT on OWN.

Check out what you can expect below:

Stormi brings her family together in Mississippi for a fish fry. Martell extends an olive branch to Melody in hopes of peace. Kimmi has a big surprise for Maurice. Marsau searches for answers as he continues to doubt Tisha’s fidelity.


Love & Marriage Huntsville’s 3-part season reunion, hosted by executive producer Carlos King, will air on Saturday, January 6 (Part One), Saturday, January 13 (Part Two) and Saturday, January 20 (Part Three) at 8 pm ET/PT.


That’s not the only big Love & Marriage news circulating, OWN recently announced that Love & Marriage D.C. is returning in January and fans can also expect new episodes of #LAMH and #LAMD!

Love & Marriage D.C.

Source: Love & Marriage D.C., OWN

Love & Marriage Detroit assets

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Hit the flip for deets!

Oprah Winfrey Network recently announced that more Love & Marriage is on the way for 2024, with new season greenlights for Love & Marriage: Huntsville and Love & Marriage: Detroit.


Love & Marriage

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A press release reports that on OWN this year, Love & Marriage: Huntsville has delivered over 12 million total viewers and the network is proud of its continued TV reign.

The series is currently airing all-new episodes on Saturdays at 8 pm ET/PT where it is the night’s top original non-sports series across broadcast and cable with all key African-American demos, driving OWN to be the night’s #1 cable network with A.A. W25-54.

In 2023 to date, the franchise, including the Love & Marriage: D.C and Love & Marriage: Detroit seasons which aired earlier in the year, held as top three original non-sports programs in Saturday primetime across broadcast and cable with African-American W25-54 and W18-49.

The press release also adds that brand new episodes of Love & Marriage: D.C are set to premiere on January 27 at 8 pm ET/PT after the series’ year long hiatus.

In a supertease, we see what happened after Ashley and Joi’s big blowup at Christmas. Clifton is glad that he wasn’t there because things “could have been bad.” He’s focused however on his beard oil and working with his publicist Carmen who’s also previously of Ready To Love fame.

The group questions Carmen and Clifton’s friendship but his wife is unbothered.

“Clifton he rides for Carmen, me, I ride for Carmen,” says Joi.

Carmen and Clifton’s ties are triggering for Jamie and Erana who enlist a therapist to talk them through it. They’re also continuing to have issues with Little Jamie whom the Silvas try to talk to. Speaking of the Silvas, it looks like it’s Ashley and Quick versus Clifton and Joi and things escalate (again) between the ladies leaving Erana caught in the middle.


Watch the Love & Marriage D.C. supertease below.

Are YOU excited that more Love & Marriage is on the way to OWN?

Love & Marriage

Source: Love & Marriage / OWN

Carlos King’s Kingdom Reign Entertainment produces all series in the Love & Marriage franchise, with ITV America also serving as producer on Love & Marriage: Huntsville. King is the executive producer on all three series.

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