Michigan’s Blake Corum – No business relationship with Stalions


Michigan star running back Blake Corum says he has no business relationship with former football staff member Connor Stalions, after records of an LLC in Wyoming listing both men as co-owners surfaced Tuesday on social media.

According to records from the Wyoming Secretary of State, Corum, Stalions and a third person, Connor O’Dea, are listed as organizers of a limited liability corporation called BC2 Housing LLC, which lists a home in Ann Arbor, Michigan, as its office and mailing address. Property records show the address is a home Stalions purchased in March 2022.

Stalions is the former Michigan staffer believed to be at the center of the NCAA’s investigation into illegal off-campus scouting and signal stealing. He resigned from his position Friday after initially being suspended with pay, pending the outcome of the investigation.

Corum said he became aware of the LLC listing only before practice Tuesday and had no idea how his name appeared. He has contacted his attorney to intervene.

“I don’t have any businesses with Connor or anything like that,” Corum told reporters. “But I’m glad whoever found it, whoever searched the web, was able to find that, I appreciate you. My attorneys are on it. Definitely get that figured out right away, get my name taken off of whatever it is.”

Stalions’ signature is the only one that appears on the initial filing for the LLC in March 2022. The LLC is listed online as active and current and in good tax standing. In a recent profile of Stalions, The Wall Street Journal reported that he was sued by his homeowners association for violating its bylaws by allegedly running a vacuum-cleaner refurbishing business out of his home.

“I’m a clean person, but I’m not a cleaner,” Corum told reporters. “Vacuums aren’t my thing. I don’t know anything about that.”

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