New York’s education chiefs don’t want you to know how badly schools do


After repeatedly missing deadlines, the State Education Department finally released the full 2022-2023 statewide math- and reading-assessment results for grades 3-8.

As expected the test scores (on dumbed down tests) are dismal.

Only half of students statewide tested as proficient or better — 48% in English, 52% in math.

Notably, only in 8th grade were more than half the kids (55%) English-proficient; results were markedly worse grades 3-8.

Students took the easy-to-score tests back in June; the only reason it could’ve taken this long to report results is that the folks in charge of New York K-12 education didn’t want parents learning how bad things are.

Yes, the results are slightly better than last year’s (when more than 60% tested not proficient in math), but that’s because SED dumbed down the exams: It admits the results aren’t comparable to last year.

Surprise: Scarsdale was No. 1 in reading with 86% of students at or above grade level; East Williston in Nassau County took top honors in math with 93% at-or-above.

But in the city of Rochester, only 16% tested proficient in English, 13% proficient in math.

Out of New York’s 661 school districts, the Big Apple ranked 178 in reading and 236 in math, with 52% proficiency on both.

New York spends vastly more in the name of public education than any other state, more than $32,000 per pupil.

Taxpayers aren’t remotely getting value for their dollars, and the folks in charge of state education don’t want to remind anyone of that.

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