NJ Gov. Phil Murphy pushing migrants to NYC


The Issue: New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy redirecting migrant charter buses to New York City.

Democrats are now fighting Democrats (“Guardin’ state,” Jan. 4).

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy, a Democrat, is rerouting migrants from buses arriving in the Garden State to New York City. Mayor Adams is trying to stop the busing because of the many problems the open border is causing in the Big Apple.

Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas — facing the prospect of impeachment — blames Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for this whole mess. Is this all somehow part of President Biden’s plan?

Bob Robustelli

Stamford, Conn.

In response to Mayor Adams’ executive order requiring migrant charter buses to enter the city between 8:30 a.m. and noon, Gov. Abbott should insist on the same restrictions on entering his state: No entry of migrants into Texas outside that 3 ¹/₂-hour window. Let’s see how well that works.

Also, Gov. Murphy is now directing the immigrants to New York from New Jersey. Isn’t Abbott just doing the same thing in Texas?

John Hurley

Somerville, NJ

Hip hip hooray for the Democratic governor of New Jersey. Murphy wants nothing to do with migrants arriving in the Garden State and sends them over to Mayor Adams right here in New York.

New York, a sanctuary city, may be filled up to capacity. But Adams took this task on from the very start. Murphy wants no part of it.

Ultimately, President Biden, more than anyone, should be held responsible for this out-of-control situation.

Ron Zajicek


Contrary to The Post’s belief that New Jersey isn’t taking on migrants, quite the opposite is true (“Phil Murphy & Other Hypocrites,” Editorial, Jan. 3).

There is plenty of immigration here: It’s especially visible in our hospitals. My wife has been a nurse for 27 years. She says she encounters migrants every day. A lot of migrants suffer from health problems, yet none of these people have health insurance.

While lacking New York City’s visibility, our state faces many similar problems. To think New Jersey has escaped the migrant crisis completely unscathed is ludicrous.

James Schwartz

Summit, NJ

The Issue: A recent skirmish between the US Navy and Iranian-backed Houthi combatants on the Red Sea.

It looks like the Houthis, the “new kids on the block,” have gotten a wake-up introduction to the US Navy (“Red Sea smackdown,” Jan. 1).

The Houthis have been shown, in no uncertain terms, that the US Navy is not sailing around the Red Sea for a vacation cruise.

It is there to protect US interests and defend our allies in the area. That’s exactly what the Navy will be doing, and it plays for keeps. Welcome to the big leagues, Houthis.

Dick Mills


While reading about the US helicopter attack on the Houthi boats, I was surprised to learn that one of the enemy boats escaped. How can a boat escape one of our Navy choppers?

Perhaps a commander called off the attack because the Houthi fighters disengaged. If so, that is pretty pathetic. Definitely the wrong message to send.

John B. Caruso

East Patchogue

The Post’s article described the Houthi attacks as “antics” (“Who are the Houthi rebels wreaking havoc in the read sea?” Dec. 31).

The Houthi were designated as a terror organization by the Trump administration, and mistakenly cleared of this by the Biden administration. They have attacked and killed US troops. Antics are what clowns do, not killers.

Brian Beirne

Hubert, NC

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