Ohio woman Brittany Watts charged with corpse abuse


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Last month, BOSSIP reported on the case of 33-year-old Brittany Watts of Warren, Ohio. Watts suffered a traumatic and unfortunate miscarriage at her home after making several visits to the hospital for bleeding for fear that it might have been related to her pregnancy. Watts attempted to dispose of the fetus material using the same methods advised by medical personnel for women who have taken an abortion-inducing pill. Watts had not taken said pill, but that has no bearing on her means of disposal following her miscarriage.

Despite the mental and physical pain she endured, Watts was injured further when police arrested her and charged her with the mutilation of the corpse of a baby that she admittedly did not want to bring to term. According to NBC4i, Watts is speaking publicly for the first time since news of her criminal charges made rounds in local news and on social media.

“I was distraught, heartbroken, empty — literally and figuratively, so to speak,” Brittany Watts said in a text message to the I-Team at Nexstar’s WJW Monday night. She was describing how she felt after she miscarried her pregnancy.

Watts has retained the legal services of  Traci Timko and the lawyer states that her client “was told very clearly the fetus was not viable and could not and would not survive”. So, what exactly would the police have this woman do? Should she have retained the fetus remains and brought it to them?

For her part, Watts openly admits that she went to the hospital twice that same week but did not stay for her appointments after long waits to see a doctor. This was her first pregnancy, one that she didn’t even tell her family about because she was so afraid. It’s fair to presume that despite the horror of the miscarriage, Brittany Watts was likely relieved that she was no longer pregnant and wanted to move on with her life the best way she knew how. She went to get her hair done and her concerned hairdresser drove her to the hospital after learning of what had happened. A nurse at the hospital called the police after being told that Watts did not want the child and had flushed the remains down the toilet.

Police were quick to seize that toilet and the bucket that Watts used to clean her bathroom and promptly charge her with felony abuse of a corpse.

How the hell does any of that make sense?

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