July 19, 2024

Progs’ panic on border crisis shows Republicans were right the whole time


As John McClane put it in “Die Hard,” “Welcome to the party, pal”: Progressives are at long last starting to acknowledge the disaster of President Biden’s open-border policy.

No less than Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson just admitted the obvious: It’s not just the Windy City being crippled by the border madness; “it’s the entire country that is now at stake.”

Sound familiar? Fact is, plenty of voices have warned as much for nearly three years now — only to be denounced as bigoted, heartless and/or hysterically overreacting.

Johnson spoke at a joint online press conference with Mayor Adams and Denver Mayor Mike Johnston, all calling for the migrant crisis to be classified as a federal emergency — a plea from three Democratic mayors that would’ve been inconceivable not long ago.

Pleading for more resources to care for the 26,000 illegal migrants who’ve hit Chicago, Johnson added: “Without significant federal support, this is not sustainable.”

No kidding.

Not that simply opening the DC spending spigot gets at the root of the problem, of course: Federal overspending has already brought its own disasters in the form of soaring inflation followed by soaring interest rates, not to mention the dangerous growth in federal debt.

Still, Democratic screams in towns far from the border are ample proof that the (mostly) Republicans sounding the alarm these last 30-plus months were completely right.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson warned that “it’s the entire country that is now at stake" due to the migrant crisis.
Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson warned that “it’s the entire country that is now at stake” due to the migrant crisis. Trent Sprague/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

And now the lunacy is so obvious that even The New York Times felt compelled to feature the latest “caravan” now wending its way through Mexico on its front page: Burying the story won’t play anymore.

Letting in every comer who knows enough to cry “asylum!” is indeed a nightmare for the entire nation — with ever-more illegal border-crossers coming not just from Latin America and the Caribbean but Africa, Russia and China.

With none of them bothering to seek asylum in the nations they pass through on the way, as US law requires — because they’re not actually fleeing oppression, but seeking economic opportunity here.

Open-borders lefties believe that should be enough; the only “solution” they’ll entertain is to legalize the law-breaking.

Even the Democratic Congress of the first two Biden years wouldn’t do that; instead, the White House pretended the law requires the mass “parole” of illegal border-crossers and blames Republicans for blocking that suicidal “solution,” along with all the name-calling about “racism” and “cruelty.”

Thing is, virtue-signaling doesn’t change the reality on the ground — which eventually becomes so undeniable that even a master of denial like Brandon Johnson can’t miss it.

Yet Biden still offers nothing but empty gestures, like sending two top officials to huddle with Mexico’s president to produce an empty “agreement” that does nothing to stem the tide, indeed deepens the crisis by holding out fresh hopes of mass legalization.

Remember Abe Lincoln’s wisdom, Mr. President: “You can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

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