July 19, 2024

Racist Portland woman arrested for robbery

Hand opening cracker soda package.

Hand opening cracker soda package.

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There’s no reason for animals like this to be walking the streets. Put her in a cage.

A 43-year-old Portland woman named Janee Jewell Plummer is currently sitting in Multnomah County Jail for some racist bulls#!t that she pulled last Thursday. According to KATU, Plummer tried to steal several food items from a Safeway grocery store when she was approached by a Black loss prevention security guard who had stopped her before she could escape the property.


Source: Hyoung Chang / Getty

The report states that Plummer initially attempted to push past the unnamed officer while telling him that she, “owned the store”. When that didn’t work, she did the only thing Karens know how to do, act a muthaf***in’ fool. Plummer is accused of calling the Black man “ni**er” multiple times while punching him and spitting in his face. Upon further review of this cantankerous Karen’s criminal history, it was revealed that she has a rap sheet as long as the receipt would be for the items she tried to steal. In one of her most heinous incidents, she chased a woman who was walking her dogs with a hammer, tried to steal the dogs, and threatened to kill the woman. She was convicted of attempted robbery in February 2023 and was subsequently sentenced to five years of probation in addition to fourteen days in the county jail.

In her lifetime, Janee Jewell Plummer has 17 convictions that go all the way back to 1999.

When police officers arrested Plummer at the Safeway she allegedly told them that she had zero intention of paying for the items. When questioned about the racist slurs, she replied, “I don’t have to like Black people, and I don’t.” She then said “ni**er” several more times to assert her caucasian dominance.

Plummer was ultimately charged with 2 counts of bias crime, 2 counts of harassment, and third-degree theft and robbery for which she will appear in court on Nov. 14, 2023. Hopefully, the judge throws a Barnes & Noble worth of books at her.

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