‘Squid Game The Challenge’ Exclusive: LeAnn Reveals Her Daughters Named A Deer Their Backyard Lorenzo!


You guys already know we are huge fans of the Netflix competition series Squid Game: The Challenge and we’re continuing to roll out interviews with some of your favorite cast members over the holidays.

Squid Game: The Challenge production stills

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Two of our favorite contestants were definitely mom and son duo, LeAnn Wilcox Plutnicki and Trey Plutnicki, AKA Player 302 and Player 301. The pair told us that they’ve gotten some questions since the show, primarily around some of the decisions that were made when they weren’t totally in sync.

“People just like really wanted to know what was really going on there, and, ‘Why did you do marbles together?”‘ LeAnn told BOSSIP.

“It’s so funny because I also like didn’t vote with you,” Trey recalled to his mom. “it’s just like every bit is under scrutiny, where it’s like, ‘Why were you in that boat with your mom?’ ‘Why didn’t you vote with your mom?’ ‘Why did you do that with your mom?’ ‘Why didn’t you do this with your mom?’

“I also wondered why he didn’t vote with me on on that Lorenzo vote,” LeAnn joked. “But we’re all playing our own games I guess.”

LeAnn was referring to the moment in Episode 4 when the contestants voted for three people to be eliminated. Lorenzo was one of the first three names to be nominated for elimination, when LeAnn entered his name but he was more than happy to return the favor by nominating LeAnn for elimination as well. Fortunately Wilcox Plutnicki says there was no hard feelings, but revealed her family had some jokes about Lorenzo declining LeAnn and some of the other ladies’ when they offered the group apple slices.

“Lorenzo’s just an iconic kind of person,” LeAnn continued. “From afar I’m like, ‘I kind of love this guy.’ He’s a lot of fun but my daughters have named one of the deer in our backyard Lorenzo, because he’s the only deer that won’t take the sliced apples — because I feed them apples all the time, so they now call the deer Lorenzo.”

Squid Game: The Challenge production stills

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We also had a chance to ask Trey about the breaking glass challenge and it turns out that the falls we witnessed were actually a bit of a production trick.

“We actually didn’t fall through,” Trey told BOSSIP. “What we would hear over the speaker was, ‘301 Pass’ or ‘301 Eliminated.’ Then we would stop for a second, we would go down into a squat to get that ‘falling’ imagery and then they had a stunt performer actually fall through. We were 15 feet in the air but we just couldn’t fall through for like safety reasons.”

Trey also revealed how felt about Ashley not following the group’s strategy during the breaking glass challenge.

“I can’t be mad at someone that is playing their game,” Trey said. “Of course, in the game obviously I’m upset, but outside of the game and looking from like a a third party perspective, it’s just like, yeah I wouldn’t wanna take that chance either. That takes a lot of bravery to put yourself in harm’s way for the sake of the group when only one person wins this huge prize money.”

“Ashley’s a good person, we’ve been hanging out with her,” LeAnn interjected. “She’s just a she’s a good person, I don’t have hard feelings but yeah, I wish she had taken her jump.”

Ultimately, Trey and LeAnn proved to be two of the toughest contestants in the challenge, and the pair say they are open to doing another show in the future. What show would you want to see LeAnn and Trey do next?

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