Supa Cent Claims Public Fight Led To Breakup With Fiancé Rayzor


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Raynell “Supa Cent” Steward is setting the record straight about her recent split from her former fiancé Rayzor Breaux and alleging that they both caused “physical harm” to each other, something that was apparently commonplace in their relationship.

“I ain’t break up with Ray because we had a little scuffle,” she said. “This is what we do. I broke up with you because you had no regard for us being in public.”

On Jan. 1, the social media star took to Instagram to shed light on the events that led up to her rocky breakup with the Rocket X Denim founder.

Supa, 35, alleged that she and her former partner got into a heated roadside dispute that turned physical. The eyebrow-raising video came just two days after the star announced that she was “no longer engaged” and alleged that she got “dragged” down the interstate by her former boo.

“I’m a woman that’s gone fight a n****. So, we not gon make it seem like, oh a n**** a just laid me down and brawled me out. I’m never scared of a n****. Ain’t no n**** gon put his hands on me without me putting my hands on them.”

Before, going into detail about their nasty scuffle, Supa told fans that she was “distraught” and “suffering” from the breakup with her fiancé of one year.  

The Crayon Case founder and Rayzor got engaged in 2022, but the couple will no longer be heading down the aisle, she told fans.

“Not only am I suffering the breakup, my kids are suffering the breakup. So, it’s not just about me. I spent almost three years with somebody and my kids did too.”

Things between the beauty business guru and investor allegedly turned sour after they got into a heated roadside dispute, according to Supa’s Instagram video.

The mother of two claimed tension between her and the clothing brand owner sparked after he allegedly snatched her Meta glasses during an argument and she punched him, something she’s working on no longer doing in relationships.

“When we were in the car, I had on my little Meta glasses that he bought me for Christmas and I put my music on because we were arguing. And I’m trying to get to space where I’m not trying to be the aggressor all the time,” Supa confessed.

“I’m known for fighting my boyfriends, I’m known for hitting somebody first — I’m trying to work on that. I’m trying to be a better partner. Women don’t want to be hit and men don’t want to be hit either. I’ve been doing a little bit better on not swinging on a n***a. I need to seek therapy, but on my own, I’ve been working real good on not punching my n***as.”

Supa continued:

“So when I had my glasses on and he snatched my glasses off my face — and me not looking —  I felt like you hit me. And me feeling like you hit me, I snuck em back. All that snatching stuff, that s*** is being aggressive with me.”

According to the social media guru’s video, this allegedly wasn’t the first time that her partner had been “aggressive” during an argument. They had previously vowed to settle their differences in a calm and collected manner, but that pact flew out of the window during their fiery spat.

At one point, during their fight, Rayzor allegedly tried to restrain Supa. When the car came to a full stop on the road, the matriarch said she walked away from the vehicle to “calm down” and collect her thoughts, but her former fiancé allegedly “dragged” her back to the car. 

That was unacceptable to Supa because they were in a public place and people could have seen them.

“Why the hell would you drag me back to the car? Now, I’m not restraining. I’m not struggling with you. I’m not fighting you, but now you drag me back to the car?” Supa said with a puzzled look on her face.

“I’m not mad that you dragged me. I’m mad because you had no regard for people who could see us,” she continued. “You had no regard for the people that’s watching…we in St. Tammany Parrish. B***, the f****g police could have seen you. Anything could have happened. I ain’t break up with Ray because we had a little scuffle. This is what we do. I broke up with you because you had no regard for us being in public.”

During her lengthy Instagram video, Supa told fans that she wanted to be the first to announce her breakup with Rayzor because she wasn’t sure who saw their roadside altercation. She also alleged that Rayzor wanted a “public breakup” because he didn’t feel like their relationship was truly done until “it was posted” on social media.

“That’s what he wanted.​ That’s why I posted it. I wanted to deal with my breakup privately. I posted it before I was single because he asked me to and when I did, he started crying. I took it down,” she added.

Supa’s explanation came amid Rayzor taking to Instagram to comment about the rocky split and dispute.

The businessman and investor apologized for his shady since-deleted Instagram post in which he claimed he “dodged a bullet” by ending things with Supa. He also denied causing harm to his ex-fiancée and hinted at wanting to reconcile.

“I want to make clear that at no point did I physically harm my fiancée. While we did have a disagreement, misunderstandings can occur with any relationship,” he added. “This relationship is very important to me and fighting for my family is top priority.”

Read the full statement below.


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