Takeoff’s Father Reportedly Joins $1 Million Wrong Death Lawsuit


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Takeoff’s father joins the $1 million lawsuit against the Houston establishment where his son was killed as a third party.

November marked a year since the tragic murder of Takeoff who fans were introduced to through the rap group Migos. As previously reported the Atlanta rapper was shot inside 810 Billiards & Bowling in Houston, Texas, and following his murder, his mother Titiana Davenport filed a $1 million wrongful death lawsuit against the venue citing inadequate security measures.

Now his mother is in a complicated fight for his $26 million estate due to the rapper’s lack of will.

According to AllHipHop, Takeoff’s father Kenneth Ball has reportedly taken legal measures to join the lawsuit as a third party which is also complicating the civil suit .

“[Kenneth Ball], the natural parent of [Takeoff], has suffered substantial pecuniary loss both in the past and in the future,” Brant J. Stogner told AHH. “Indeed, [Ball] has suffered past and future pecuniary loss, including funeral and burial expenses, psychological and psychiatric expenses, loss of advice, loss of counsel, loss of services, loss of care, loss of maintenance, and loss of support.”

If you’re curious how he was able to add himself to the lawsuit he did so by “intervening.” Third-party “Intervenors” aren’t directly named in current legal situations and join by claiming a “personal stake” in the outcome.

We hope that the legal ordeals involving his passing end soon and the family can properly heal in peace. Both of Takeoff’s bandmates Quavo and Offset have publicly revealed that the grieving process has been difficult, but after allegedly feuding they put their issues aside to celebrate him during the BET Awards. Hopefully, they continue to stay cordial so they can honor his legacy together as he would want.

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