The AP blames ‘conservatives’ for Claudine Gay’s ouster, Brad Lander gets his own math wrong and more


Diary of disturbing disinformation and dangerous delusions

This headline:

“Harvard president’s resignation highlights new conservative weapon against colleges: plagiarism”

— AP, Wednesday

We say: Uh, is the AP suggesting liberals favor plagiarism?

Yes, conservatives flagged Harvard’s double standard — giving Claudine Gay a pass for not crediting sources while punishing others for the same thing; they believed the school set a lower bar for Gay because she was a black woman and pushed the diversity, equity and inclusion agenda.

Yet liberals called her out, too.

Besides, Gay’s morally bankrupt response to the Hamas 10/7 massacre and surge in antisemitism also played a big role in her ouster. Not some “new conservative weapon.”

(Even AP apparently agrees: It later quietly changed the headline.)

This tweet:

We say: Huh? Lander admits migrants account for at least a third the budget gap — nearly $13 billion out of $38 billion over four years, based on how the “math adds up” — but then says don’t blame them for cuts.

Is the guy who was elected to safeguard the city’s finances OK with a $13 billion gap?

Or do his progressive politics just take precedence?

This praise:

“[Biden’s] one of the most accomplished presidents since the 1960s.”

— Dem strategist Fernand Amandi on NBC, Monday

We say: Audiences might’ve thought Amandi was living in Opposite Land, but it’s apparently Democrats’ strategy to pretend Biden has done great things for America, despite record inflation, record illegal migrants, mounting wars, foreign threats and other chaos on his watch.

Unless that’s what Amandi means by “accomplishments”?

This excuse:

“Individuals . . . have been incarcerated because of failed policies.” 

— Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson, Saturday

We say: Memo to Johnson: Even in Chicago, people are “incarcerated” after breaking the law and being found guilty, not because of any “failed policies.”

But yes, Chicago is plagued by misguided policies; one of its biggest is that it doesn’t incarcerate enough criminals — which is why it’s seen record murders and other crimes over the past few years.

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