‘Web3 in Travel and Hospitality’


Maastricht – We are thrilled to unveil the groundbreaking new podcast series ‘Web3 in Travel and Hospitality’ under the prestigious banner of Hospitality Net Podcast Series, hosted by the visionary futurist and Web3 evangelist, Simone Puorto. This series marks a significant milestone in our journey to demystify and unravel the complexities of the travel and hospitality industry through the lens of Web3 technologies.

The podcast stands out as a beacon of knowledge and innovation, guiding listeners through the ever-evolving landscape of the travel sector. With each episode, we will engage in thought-provoking dialogues with a diverse array of industry experts, innovators, and trailblazers. Together, they delve deep into the revolutionary impact and potential of Web3 technologies, illuminating the path toward a more decentralized, transparent, and user-empowered future.

As you immerse yourself in this series, you will find yourself on a journey of discovery and enlightenment. Simone and his guests will unravel the complexities of decentralization, providing a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of how these technologies are reshaping the travel industry. They will explore the promise and potential of decentralized marketplaces, dissect the transformative power of blockchain technology, and reveal how these innovations are fostering a new era of transparency, trust, and user empowerment.

Beyond the technical aspects, the podcast also delves into the human side of the industry. The series sheds light on the Future of loyalty programs, the role of decentralized identity management, and the rise of decentralized travel influencers. These discussions aim to paint a holistic picture of the Future of Travel, highlighting the benefits and challenges of adopting Web3 technologies.

As we venture further into this decentralized Future, Hospitality Net stands as your reliable companion and guide. We are committed to providing you with the insights, knowledge, and perspectives needed to navigate the shifting sands of the travel industry. Together, we will explore new horizons, challenge existing paradigms, and celebrate the innovations that are paving the way for a more democratic, transparent, and user-centric travel experience.

The Future of Travel is unfolding before our eyes, and the power to shape it is in your hands. Join us on this exciting journey as we explore the vast potential of Web3 in the Travel and Hospitality industry. Let’s embrace the decentralized Future, challenge the status quo, and redefine what’s possible in the world of Travel. The adventure awaits, and the time to act is now.

Let’s decentralize and conquer.

Day in, day out.
Episode after episode.

See you in the Future.

Next Episodes:

  • 6 November, Arul Prakash, Founder and CEO, Buk Technology
  • 13 November, Aljoša Ota, Director for the Italian market, Slovenian Tourist Board
  • 20 November, Pablo Castillo, Chief Technology Officer, Chain4Travel
  • 27 November, Luca De Giglio, Founder, Trips Community
  • 4 December, Vincent Somsen, Hospitality and Travel Tech Advisor, GAIN

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