Why Republicans think that abortion will be a winning issue against Democrats in 2024


Voters shot down anti-abortion measures in red states like Kansas, Kentucky, Ohio, and Montana.

And in the 2022 midterms the Dobbs decision clearly contributed to the party’s lackluster results.

Now on the presidential primary campaign trail, Republicans have been in disarray:

Early in his campaign, Sen. Tim Scott couldn’t figure out what he believed on the issue; Donald Trump has belittled Ron DeSantis’s six-week ban in Florida; and then there’s the general dodginess of Nikki Haley, who claims to be “unapologetically pro-life” but also thinks the right abortion policy is to “find consensus.”

The chaos has been dispiriting to the anti-abortion activists who helped engineer the Dobbs decision in the first place. And now they think they have a new political strategy to get Republicans out of their defensive crouch and to start winning again on this issue.

The woman leading this effort is Marjorie Dannenfelser, the head of Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, one of the most important institutions in the GOP firmament.

She’s known as the woman who killed Roe.

Dannenfelser and her colleagues are plotting, financing, and staffing the Republican Party’s counterattack on abortion. Playbook co-author and Deep Dive host Ryan Lizza sat down with her at SBA’s Virginia headquarters this week, partly because she had some news she wanted to share about how and where anti-abortion activists are making their first big move.

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